Creating a Website on Azure is super simple

With the latest azure tools (SDK 2.0) deploying a website on windows azure is easier than ever. With just few clicks and matter of seconds the changes will be reflected on cloud. Even the configuration made simple to use. Below are steps to follow.


A valid windows azure account (3 months free trial period works as well).

Visual Studio 2012

Windows Azure SDK 2.0 (can be installed easily with Web Platform Installer)

Step 1: Create a sample website using Visual Studio

Step 2: Login into Azure account and create a website by navigating to New->Compute->Website->Quick Create option

Step 3: Within few seconds site will be created. Just click on the site name and download the publish profile file as below.


Step 4: Come back to Visual Studio and click on Publish option. Import the above downloaded profile by navigating to Profile->Import->Import from a publish profile file.


Step 5: Click on Publish and that’s all. It will navigate to the azure site with all the code changes.


Note: With the latest update to the azure, credit card information is not a mandatory for creating a 3 months free trial account.